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Our PADI Diver Level Courses are the world’s most popular SCUBA courses, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle. We offer a large assortment of PADI programs to improve your SCUBA skills and knowledge. To learn more about any dive programs please click on the “DETAILS”link on the right side column.

Courses Description Details
OPEN WATER DIVER Have you always wanted to learn how to SCUBA dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the sea, grab the chance this is the perfect opportunity to take a class in our beautiful Philippine waters and return home as a certified diver. Details
ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is designed to provide the novice diver with a structured, well supervised, means to gain practical experience after Open Water Diver Certification. Details
RESCUE DIVER Take a challenging and important step in expanding your knowledge and awareness beyond a purely recreational level. By the end of this course, you will be able to respond in an emergency situation and assist divers in distress. This course is a prerequisite for all leadership training for PADI professionals as well as a requirement for the highest non-professional level certification PADI offers, MASTER SCUBA DIVER. Details
DIVEMASTER The Divemaster Course is the first professional level in PADI progression. The course requires high level demonstrations of diving and swimming skills, leadership, and knowledge of diving theory. This qualification allows you to earn a living from doing what you love, and work in the dive industry in PADI dive centres and resorts. Details
DEEP DIVER Experience the thrill of diving to greater depths. Learn about safely planning no-decompression deep dives to a depth of up to 40 meters. This course involves two days out on the boat or a resort, making a total of 4 dives. Details
DRIFT DIVER This course shows you how to enjoy the rush of flying underwater while staying in control with your buoyancy, navigation, and communication. Learn to “go with the flow,” while staying close with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat, and knowing where you are the whole time. Details
DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY An introduction to digital underwater photography centered around today’s point-and-shoot digital cameras. The course is primarily for those interested to learn to capture the micro and macro underwater creatures and their adventures on film so they can share the thrill of diving with friends and family. Details
WRECK DIVER Step right into history and penetrate beyond the light zone. The Wreck Diver Specialty Course is intended as a safe, supervised introduction to wreck diving, with emphasis on fun and safety. See Two of the Japanese Shipwrecks of world war II at Samal Islands (as training & exploration site). Details
ENRICHED AIR DIVER (NITROX) This course is designed to introduce students to the planning, safety aspects and benefits of diving with enriched air. The programme addresses the use of enriched air with 22 percent to 40 percent oxygen, with emphasis on enriched air with 32 and 36 percent oxygen. Details
PEAK PERFORMANCE BOUYANCY Good buoyancy skills are what separate good divers from great divers. If you’re interested in becoming a Wreck Diver, Cavern Diver, Underwater Digital Photographer, Deep Diver – the Peak Performance Buoyancy Course is an essential part of perfecting your scuba diving skills in these other areas. Details
PADI AWARE CORAL REEF CONSERVATION The PADI AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty is a one day course designed to introduce you to the role that coral reef ecosystems play in our planet’s seas. This course is recommended for academic institutions and professional alike who wishes to learn and contribute to the conservation of our marine environment. Details
PADI Night Diver See the underwater world from a new perspective at night. Imagine the phosphorescence of the planktons as you disturb the water under the dusk. Experience more focus and closer interaction with the marine environment while enjoying the nocturnal activity that you will only observe during the night dive. Details

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